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Bedford Connects Remote Learning is a virtual option for BCPS students grades K-12. The content and teaching is offered by Virtual Virginia but is supported by learning coaches at the Alternative Education Center.


  1. How will I get communication about my student's instruction?

  • Please check your email daily for updates from AEC and your teachers at Virtual Virginia.

  1. How will my student know how to get logged into their classes?

  • Mrs. Newby will email your login information to your student Gmail account.

    • Note: There are two different logins for students and families.

  1. Where can I find more information for parents?

  1. Can my student still participate in base school activities?

  • Yes. Your student is still a members of their base school and therefore can participate in clubs, sports, or school-sponsored activities.

  1. Can my student still participate in graduation ceremonies if they are remote?

  • Yes. Your student will also be eligible to participate in graduation ceremonies and walk with their base school classmates upon completion of graduation credits.

  1. My student needs to take Driver's Ed. Can I do that through Bedford Connects/Virtual Virginia?

  • No. Virtual Virginia does not offer Driver’s Education classes. If your student needs a driver’s education course please contact Ms. Newby for more information. They can participate in the VADETS course.

  1. Do I need to buy a computer or Chromebook for my student who is 100% remote?

  • No. All Bedford Connects students can have a Chromebook and charger checked out to them. You will need to call your base school and pick up your student's Chromebook and charger from them. They will check them out and can help with any maintenance or issues during the year.

  1. Do I need to buy all the supplies listed on the Virtual Virginia website?

  • Yes and no. For the usual supplies, such as pencils, paper, notebooks etc. Those are listed on the Virtual Virginia website and can be purchased by parents. If you have any problems finding these or affording them please contact the Alternative Education Center. For those materials like novels, calculators, textbooks, etc. that are specific to a certain class, the AEC will provide those. You can pick those up from the Alternative Education Center before school starts.

  1. What if I have internet at my home but it is not very strong or reliable?

  • AEC can provide hot spots if needed for increasing connectivity. Please call AEC to ask about this.

  1. When does school start?

  • School starts for Virtual Virginia on August 10th. Their specific schedule can be found on their website That will be the calendar that Bedford Connects students will follow.

  • If Virtual Virginia already told you a different start time for a class capacity issue this was previously communicated to those that it applies to.

For the most up-to-date Academic Calendar, please visit: