Instructional Technology Coaches (ITCs)

What is our goal?

Our goal is to help staff effectively plan and use digital resources to advance student learning.

ITCs provide direct support to the teacher by coaching or modeling technology tools and software. They consult and collaborate with teachers, working with students when needed for the purpose of modeling or demonstrating a lesson in the classroom. They advise and assist teachers to determine what, when, where, and how to integrate technology into a lesson.

What do we offer?

Professional Learning:

  • Digital Resources Support

  • Digital Citizenship

  • Digital Portfolios

  • Instructional Design

Data Collection:

  • Digital Integration Assessment

  • Support creation of school-level digital formative assessments

Other Services:

  • Family & Community Engagement

Who do we offer it to?


  • Teachers

  • Department teams

  • Grade level teams

  • School Leadership Teams

  • Professional Learning Teams (PLTs)

  • Cross-Curricular Teams

  • Instructional Assistants

  • Administration

How do we offer it?

Teaching and Support:

  • District Professional Development

  • School-based Professional Development

  • Virtual sessions

  • Co-Teaching/Modeling

  • Small Group sessions

  • One on One Coaching sessions

  • Peer Review/ Observations