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6th Grade English

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6th grade English 4th Quarter Plan for Learning Opportunities:

Week 1/Week 2

March 30-April 3 and April 6-10: Traditional Literature: Students will explore a variety of folk tales, including trickster tales, tall tales, fairy tales and also myths and legends.

Week 3/4/5

April 12-17,April 20-24, and April 27- May 1st: Figurative Language/Poetry: Students will review terms such as simile, metaphor, hyperbole, personification, idioms as well as reviewing imagery created by this language. Students will also review poetic device terms such as, alliteration, onomatopoeia, and rhyme/rhyme scheme.

Week 6

May 4-8: Students will learn/evaluate media and become media literate. Students will produce a PSA.

Week 7-9

May 11-15,May 18-May 22, and May 26-29: Students will read/listen to a novel and will be given opportunities to respond to their reading.

*Students will also be given journal prompts and writing resources to continue to be able to express themselves through writing throughout the duration of the school year.*

Please check Google Classroom for the most up to date assignments for your student. Assignments may vary by class period. If you would like to be added to Google Classroom for updates, please feel free to email me.

3rd Period:

4th Period:

5th Period:

6th Period:

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