Social Studies

Welcome to Ferguson Hall!

The pages you find on the top menu bar will provide you class specific information about what we're doing in my classes, my biography, and some links to things that may be interesting or useful.

My name is Mr. Linquist and while this is my first year at Ferguson, it is my fifth year as a substitute in Beavercreek City Schools with Ohio certification in Social Studies and Mathematics. I could not be happier to be in the classroom - I truly enjoy going to work each and every day.

My goal is to help students develop a the passion for Social Studies that I have - history, geography, and government can be a lot of fun and very interesting. I hope that we can enjoy our time together and learn something at the same time (both you and I)!

Click here for Modern World History

Click here for History of Sports in America

In education we discover how to be the absolute best version of ourselves. I have four basic tenets that build a basic framework for my classroom:

1. We learn not just for school, but for life - it's not "just" about the grade.

2. We learn through teaching each other - everyone has something to contribute.

3. We learn by hearing from the other side - Learning to listen is essential.

4. We learn through making mistakes - everybody makes them, lets learn to work through them.

Please do not hesitate to ask a question or contact me through email:

I am a cartography buff and love old maps! If you happen to be in my class, you can bet that I will try to use as many cool maps as I can - these old maps provide some interesting insight into how people though at the time.

(Check out the map from 1656 below...they didn't quite have it all figured out yet!)