HR Best Practices Manual

Beaver County School District

Employment Opportunities

Employee Compensation Website



& General Employment Practices

1.1 BCSD Vision, Mission, Values, & Goals

1.2 Organizational Chart

1.3 Local Control, Responsibility, & Accountability

1.4 Employee Ethics & Conflicts of Interest


Employment Nondiscrimination

1.12 Scope of Employment

1.14 Employee Drug Policy

1.15 Drug Testing of Bus Drivers

1.17 Employment Physicals & Diseases

1.20 Reemployment of Retired Employees

1.21 Administration Relations with Employee Associations

R277-401. Child Abuse-Neglect Reporting by Education Personnel.

1.23 Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Education for Employees

1.24 Reporting of Student Prohibited Acts

1.25 Personal Protective Equipment

1.26 Orderly School Termination for Employees

1.27 Reduction in Force

1.28 Legal Defense of Employees

1.29 Legal Liability Protection for Employees

1.30 Employee References & Letters of Recommendation

1.31 Hiring Preference of Veterans & Veteran’s Spouses

1.32 Sexual Harassment

1.33 Employee & Student Relations

1.34 Family Medical Leave

1.35 Employee Bullying or Hazing

1.36 Employee Use of Personally Owned Electronic Devices

1.37 All Paraprofessionals Must Be Highly Qualified

Employee Evaluations

Licensed Employee Evaluations

Classified Employee Evaluations



Section 302 Contracts with teachers.

Section 303 Professional learning standards.


Section 503 Career employee status for provisional employees -- Career status in the event of change of position -- Continuation of probationary status when position changes -- Temporary status for extra duty assignments.

Section 505 State Board of Education rules -- Reporting to Legislature.

Section 509 Mentor for provisional educator.

Section 512 Local school board to establish dismissal procedures.

Section 513 Dismissal procedures.

Section 514 Nonrenewal or termination of a career employee's contract for unsatisfactory performance.

Section 515 Hearings before district board or hearing officers -- Rights of the board and the employee -- Subpoenas -- Appeals.

Section 516 Necessary staff reduction not precluded -- Last-hired, first-fired layoffs prohibited.

Section 517 Restriction on transfer of employee with unsatisfactory performance.

Section 518 State Board of Education to make rules on performance compensation.

R277-105. Recognizing Constitutional Freedoms in the Schools.

R277-107. Educational Services Outside of Educator's Regular Employment.

R277-211. Utah Professional Practices Advisory Commission (UPPAC), Rules of Procedure: Notification to Educators, Complaints and Final Disciplinary Actions.

R277-508. Employment of Substitute Teachers. (Download the RTF file)

R277-513. Teacher Leader.

R277-515. Utah Educator Professional Standards. (Download the RTF file)

R277-516. Professional Standards and Training for Non-licensed Employees and Volunteers.

R277-517. LEA Codes of Conduct. (Download the RTF file)

R277-524. Paraprofessional/Paraeducator Programs, Assignments, and Qualifications.

R277-530. Utah Effective Educator Standards.

R277-605. Coaching Standards and Athletic Clinics.

Licensure & Certifications

3.1 Graphic Organizer – Utah Educator Licenses

3.2 Licensure & Certification Requirements

3.3 Employee Responsibility – Licenses & Certifications

R277-500. Educator Licensing Renewal, Timelines, and Required Fingerprint Background Checks.

R277-502. Educator Licensing and Data Retention. (Download the RTF file)

R277-503. Licensing Routes. (Download the RTF file)

R277-505. Education Leadership License Areas of Concentration and Programs.

R277-506. School Psychologists, School Social Workers, School Counselors, Communication Disorders (Audiologists), Speech-Language Pathologists, and Speech-Language Technicians Licenses and Programs.

R277-509. Licensure of Student Teachers and Interns.

R277-511. Academic Pathway to Teaching (APT) Level 1 License. (Download the RTF file)

R277-512. Online Licensure. (Download the RTF file)

R277-518. Career and Technical Education Licenses.

R277-520. Appropriate Licensing and Assignment of Teachers.

Hiring Procedures

Hiring Procedures

Background Checks, Reference Checks, & Self-Reporting

4.2 Hiring Committee Assurances Form

4.3 Approved Substitutes & Coaches

4.4 Required Substitute Training

Employee Compensation

5.1 Compensation Agreements & Approvals

5.1.1 New Employee Salary/Wage Schedule Placement

Prior Work Experience Summary Form

5.2 12-Month Equal Pay Employees

5.3 School & Staffing Reports

5.4 Performance Required Before Payroll Payment is Made

5.5 Payroll Periods & Scheduled Payroll Issuances

5.6 R277-110. Educator Salary Adjustment

Employee Eligibility for Retirement Benefits

Employee Eligibility for Insurance Benefits

Employee Eligibility for Paid Time Off (PTO)

Classified Employees:

180+ Day Classified Employees

Includes optional paid extended leave beyond 15 days through June 30, 2020

Includes "Emergency Paid Sick Leave - School Shut Down Coronavirus" time period

260+ Day Classified Employees

Includes optional paid extended leave beyond 15 days through June 30, 2020

Includes "Emergency Paid Sick Leave - School Shut Down Coronavirus" time period

Part-Time Classified Employees

Includes optional "leave of absence" during school shut-down period

Includes "Emergency Paid Sick Leave - School Shut Down Coronavirus" time period

Licensed Employees:

Includes optional paid extended regular leave beyond 15 days through June 30, 2020

Includes "Emergency Paid Sick Leave - School Shut Down Coronavirus" time period

5.10 Time Clock & Time & Effort Reporting

5.11 Employee vs. Independent Contractor

5.12 Classified Employee Wage Schedule

5.13 Teacher Salary Schedule

5.14 Substitute Pay & Compensation Agreement

5.15 Athletic Coach & Additional Duty Stipends

Overtime & Compensatory Time for Hourly Paid Non-Exempt Employees

5.17 Availability & Overnight Stipends for Bus Drivers

5.18 Employee Paycheck Stubs

5.19 15-Day Rule, Payment to Voluntary Deduction & Benefits Carriers

5.20 Month & Annual Payroll Reports for Board

5.21 Notice – Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage

5.22 Important Notices & Disclosures

5.23 District Cafeteria Plan - Summary Plan Description

Job Descriptions

7.1 Teacher

7.2 Counselor

7.3 Technology Specialist

7.4 School Principal

7.5 Asst. School Principal

7.6 Career & Technical Education Director

7.7 Special Education Director

7.8 Adult Education Director

7.9 Facilities Maintenance Supervisor

7.10 School Custodian

7.10.1 High School Head Custodian – Additional Duty Assignment Facility Safety Inspection Checklists

7.11 School Sweeper

7.12 School Secretary

7.13 District Payroll & Transportation Admin. Specialist

7.14 District Accounts Payable & Purchasing Admin. Specialist(s)

7.15 District Fixed Assets Specialist

7.16 School Food Service Manager

7.17 School Food Service Cook

7.18 Bus Driver

7.19 Mechanic

7.20 Classroom Paraprofessional

7.21 Special Education Paraprofessional

7.22 Computer Lab Paraprofessional

7.23 Media/Library Paraprofessional

7.24 Athletic Head Coach

7.25 Drill Team Advisor

Section 8: Records & Information

8.1 Employee Records – Change in Personal Information

8.2 Confidential Information, Limited Access, & Security of Records

8.3 Records Retention