English Learner Department

English Learner Information & Resources for Home, School, & Beaumont USD Community

Welcome Message

Welcome to the Mountain View Middle School (MVMS) English Learner Department! At MVMS we are delighted to service our English learner community of students, their families, our school community as well as the community of Beaumont in providing access to information and resources to support academic achievement. Fifteen different languages are spoken by 165 English learners on our campus. 6.8% of MVMS total student population are designated as English learners. However, roughly 18.31% of the total student population live in homes where their first language is not English (California Department of Education, 2019/20).

Goals: The goal of our EL Department is to improve the English language skills of English learner students so they can acquire full proficiency in English within a reasonable period of time. In addition, our goal is to celebrate and honor the rich cultural diversity English learners bring to our school.

Philosophy: Our philosophy is that all children can achieve if given the tools, resources, and support needed to be high performing academic scholars. Therefore, we would like to thank our students, families, school community as well as the community of Beaumont in partnering with us to support our effort in meeting our goals and embracing our philosophy.

Click on the following link to gain access to resources to support English learners: