2022 - 2023 Course Registration

It's time to start planning for next school year. Counselors will begin meeting with students the week of February 22. On February 3rd we will have curriculum night at Washington High School starting at 6pm. To aid your student in preparing for class registration please review the forms below based on their grade level they will be in for 2022-2023.

Registration Dates

Week of January 31st: PSJ Classroom Presentations

February 3rd: Curriculum Fair - 6:00pm enter by the Gym

February 8th: Counselors will register 8th graders at PSJ

February 22nd - Feb 26th: Registration for WHS Students

February 15th and 17th: Counselors will be available to meet with 8th grade parents upon appointment

WHS 2022-2023 Registration Reminders

Students and Parents/Guardians - A few VERY IMPORTANT registration reminders.

● All Students - When signing up for classes, please remember this is how we determine class offerings. If you sign up for a class, make sure you have an interest and want to take the class. We will not make changes to classes that you indicated you wanted to take.

● All Students - If you register for an AP course please know they may have SUMMER READING. You will only be allowed to drop down a level with administration permission. You will not be able to drop the class if you did not do the summer assignment. We build the schedule based on student requests.

● Rising Seniors - You MUST let colleges know if you change your schedule after submitting your application. This could impact your acceptance. We encourage you to set your ENTIRE year schedule in place during August. Do not wait for January to change your 2nd-semester schedule. Colleges receive your final transcript. It is a much smoother process for you, if you have your schedule set before submitting applications.