My JAGS Portfolio!

About Me!

Hi! My name is Natalie Bruss (she/her). I am a senior at Jackson High School and a part of the graduating JAGS class of 2023. Prior to joining JAGS during my freshman year, I was not globally aware and did not pay much attention to international or even national topics. JAGS has completely changed this for me. I believe that my high school experience would not have been the same or as successful without JAGS. A major aspect of JAGS, includes reflection upon past experiences, projects, and oneself. After projects or trips, JAGS has always had a reflective session about what could have been done differently. How can this change in the future? What have you learned about yourself? This reflection has allowed me to better understand myself and how I can improve in the future. I have learned that I can always improve my communication skills. My reflectiveness enables me to overcome conflicts in personal relationships, work, and school. Learning these abilities has changed my life and has challenged me to think beyond my boundaries.

After graduation, my diploma is not the only thing that will accompany me when I leave Jackson High School. My mindset will continue to change and last a lifetime. JAGS has taught me to communicate with others who have different belief systems, cultural backgrounds, and political views. This communication has allowed me to have civil conversations regarding controversial topics. During my years in JAGS, my understanding and acceptance of others have matured, and it is something I hope continues. After high school, I plan to study both political science and criminal justice at the Ohio State University.