We are {family}

We are Family is proud to be back with their charity event where all the benefits* will be donated to non-profit associations who for fighting HIV/AIDS. Last year, we collected a little bit more than 1000€ and we want to do better this year!

* Everyone will work for free, there will be a prize for the winner of the contest but all the members of We Are Family will not take any markup nor ask for reimbursment of their occured fees. That's how we want to give back to our community.

Drag against AIDS 2019-2020

August 1st 📍Wicki Beach Luxembourg

Who's gonna be the next Drag Superstar in Luxembourg and the Greater Region?

💃🏻 Candidates miss drag queen :

🎙 Presenté par:

Séraphine Mirage & ♥ Marcella Exclusiva ♥

👨‍⚖️👩‍⚖️ Jury:

  • Davide Jos Da Silva (FairyTails) - LGBT Party/Show Promotor

  • Thalia Garcia (Miss Thalia G) - Drag Queen SuperStar

  • Miss Sans-Gene (Thierry Raach) - Drag Queen / Business

  • Alex Iberico (Iberico Alex) - Photography & Video

  • Sandra Borda D'Agua (Sandra De Ville) - Image Consultant

WickiBeach Luxembourg

#Sun #HotWeather #Beach #Cocktails #HouseMusic #Chillin #DJs #Nightlife #Concerts

😷 COVID-19 Sanitary measures

  1. The venue has a capacity of 1000 people but will only open until 400.

  2. You'll have to wear mask all the time until seated. Wear your mask to go the the bathroom or to order at the bar.

  3. Everyone must be seated at a table, 10 people max per table

  4. You can pay by card for everything, contactless payment more than welcome.

  5. You must comply to the rules and staff directions or you'll be kicked out.

Besides those measures, we acknoledge we can't be everywhere, looking at everybody. We are kindly ask our guest to behave the most responsible possible and help us to reduce transmission risk.

We are {everyone}

We Are Family Party Luxembourg is a result of a join venture between the different gay associations of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It is an inclusive approach including gay/straight, Transsexual, queers, non-binary, bears, fetish and the list goes on.