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Math Specialist: Mrs. Jennifer Smith

Reading Specialist: Mrs. Larissa Soroka

Welcome to our Math and Reading site! This is site is dedicated to parents in helping them understand what their children are learning. How students are taught is definitely different since we were in elementary school. Part of our job is to try to help parents understand the methods being taught so that they help their children learn. Teachers, students, parents: we are all in this together!

What is PA Core?

The PA Common Core standards are closely aligned with the National Common Core (about 85%), with a few adjustments made to better fit the needs of Pennsylvania students. Standards are nothing more then a set of goals for students to achieve by the end of their school year. They are not a curriculum nor do they dictate how teachers must teach in the classroom. Teachers still have the ability to choose strategies that work with their specific students and the choice of curriculum materials used is still given to each local school district.

Before PA adopted the National Common Core, they had a set of high-quality standards in place. It did not take much adjustment to align with the National Common Core. In Math, there will be more emphasis on the “Focus” of mathematical algorithms, “Coherence” of topics within the grade level and “Rigor.”

Focus, in the classroom looks like a student being able to think about explanations given for answers and deciding to agree or disagree with a logical argument. Coherence addresses the need for skills to be mastered before moving on to the next skill. Rigor is the hard work and practice required to make the concept fluent.

I-Ready and RTII in the classroom

We have been getting some questions about what is I-Ready and how are we using it in the classrooms. Below you will see a document that what it is.

During each lesson in I-Ready students are asked questions that designed to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. Through this program we are able to help students in a more in-depth type of instruction. We call this small group time our RTII time. We used the data collected from I-Ready and work with students in the areas they need the most. This RTII time will have many educators, paras, and specialists in the classroom supporting them in a small group learning environment. We strive to do all we can for each student in a very individualized way.

Mrs. Larissa Soroka

Literacy Specialist

Resources that help to support ELA at home

Honestly, how can you not love! Great books, great articles, blogs, activities, contests ....

Parents, Please try to take a look at this site to gain more insight on how to help your child in ELA now and over the summer.

I am in love with GetEpic!

There are so many high interest books that students can read on phones, ipads, tablets, computers... any smart device. If you get a chance sign up to see what it is all about. If your child works with me, I have my class code: LVI-1805. They just look for their name and character.

If they are NOT in one of my groups, please use the "visitor in /grade/" character to log in. It would be the same classroom code as above.

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