Intermediate Grades

5A - Mrs. Gusditis (Science) 6A - Miss Petrochko (ELA)

5B - Mrs. Harcarik (Social Studies) 6B - Mrs. Novitski (Math)

5th/6th Grade: Miss Callaio (Math)


On February 1st, 2018 we will be having our second round of conferences. These conferences are optional, but please sign up for one 15 minute conference if a certain teacher requests your presence. Thank you!

Click here for a conference with Ms. Gusditis (Science), Mrs. Novitski (Math), and Ms. Callaio (Math).

Click here for a conference with Miss Petrochko (ELA) and Mrs. Harcarik (Social Studies).

*Due to nut allergies with some students, please be cautious when sending nut-containing foods for lunch.

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