Bear Creek Community Charter School Basketball


8th Grade Boys - Kevin Harcarik

7th Grade Boys - Steve Zapoticky -

8th Grade Girls - Jess Crawford -

7th Grade Girls - Tammy Miller -


All students must have a signed Standard Agreement & Released signed and returned to school in order to play. Click HERE for a copy.

All students must also have a PIAA Physical Form filled out by a registered physician by the first day of mandatory practice. No practice without one. Click HERE for the PIAA physical form.

If student played soccer, only a PIAA Physical Re-Cert form needs to be filled out by parent. SECTION 7 OF PHYSICAL FORM LISTED ABOVE.

Signups will be on October 22nd during school.

Girls home games are at West Side Tech gymnasium.

Boys play home games in our gym.

Boys schedule on menu. Waiting for girls schedule from league manager.

Contact Info:

8th Grade Boys -

7th Grade Boys - Steve Zapoticky:

8th Grade Girls - Jess Crawford:

7th Grade Girls - Tammy Miller -