Beantown Panthers Inc.

We are diverse group of experienced organizers committed to education as at tool to inspire youth development from underserved communities.

We have seen youth development at its best and strive to deliver top notch services to youth and families seeking what we offer. Some of these services include academic support, athletic skill development, college readiness, mentorship.

​When you create opportunities for young people to develop their potential as students, athletes, and responsible citizens, the individual and the community will thrive. Research shows that sports foster growth and development physically, academically, and socially.


Train and compete with coaches who have NCAA and Pro playing/coaching experience


Academic enrichment is the key to success in the classroom as skills and drills is the key to improvement on the court.


Pairing skilled, and  scholarly mentors with mentees who can learn from the benefit of their ecperince.

Founder: Winford "Eggie" McRae

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