Nerd Club

Most Fridays!

What is Nerd Club?

  • Nerd Club is a place where students can safely play “nerd games” such as Dungeons and Dragons, Magic: the Gathering, the Pokemon Trading Card Game, etc.

  • Mr. Carter runs a beginner-friendly Dungeons and Dragons game

  • Space for other kids to run their own (school appropriate) D&D games

  • Space to play card games

  • Space to play board games

  • Space for other activities, as approved

  • Space to learn about new games and make new friends

What ISN'T Nerd Club?

  • It is not a video game club

  • It is not a place for “gatekeeping”

  • It is not a place for buy/selling/trading cards

General Rules

  • School Rules are (always) in play

  • It can be easy to get excited - keep voices reasonable so people playing other games aren’t disturbed

  • Respect game materials

    • Mr. Carter’s D&D books/items

    • Your classmates' books/items/cards/etc.

Important information!

  • We meet nearly every Friday from 3-5 pm.

  • Mr. Carter will announce unexpected meeting cancelations on the Nerd Club Google Classroom page.

  • See Mr. Carter if you are not on the NC GC and feel like you should be!