Applied Lean Systems for Profitability Improvement

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Product Design

New Product






Innovation & New Product Development

Utilizing our more than 20+ years experience in new product development and Lean Manufacturing techniques in product introduction; Be9Sigma provides a technical assessment and feedback to enhance your new product into a market disrupting commodity, anticipating and beating your competition in innovative features, lower cost and unparalleled quality.

Our proprietary Innovation tools and processes include:

▶︎ TRIZ Technology based Hands-on Innovation Sessions

▶︎ Engineering Services for Manufacturability, Proof of Concept & Rapid Prototyping (3D Printing, Apps Mockups, etc.)

▶︎ Project End-To-End Total Cash Flow Requirements Accurate Estimations

▶︎ At site, Manufacturing Ramp up Execution Programs

New Product Introduction

With more than 20+ years of experience designing and launching products from ideation all the way to mass production, Be 9 Sigma offers the most affordable end-to-end process to make your idea a reality and a profitable business success.

These are the fundamental processes that our process emphasizes on:

▶ Product functions and requirements definition, control and fulfillment to assure meeting customer expectations.

▶ Bill of materials and approved vendor list management to guarantee top quality performance.

▶ The validation and certification of the standard process controls, equipment set up, and the production personnel training will be achieved by utilizing an advanced FDA process validation principles of IQ, PQ, and OQ. Installation Qualification, Process Qualification, and Operation Qualification.

▶ Plan and design of the production line, and its material replenishment system. The goal of this process is to assure that you can meet your mix and demand requirements, and this will be achieved by utilizing the Leonardo Group and Lean Institute - Mix Model Line and Material Management System Design.

▶ Production Execution Programs - Follow up to and supervise your manufacturing partner is a must to assure the delivery, cost, and quality improvement of your products.

Manufacturing Profitability Improvement

Be9Sigma has created a step-by-step methodology, utilizing the best practices used in the exceptionally competitive high tech manufacturing world, and make this method accessible to every manufacturing and service industry.

Focusing on the crucial 20% of the tools and methods that provide 80% of the performance improvements, your company can get things turned around in no time.

Implementing Lean Manufacturing could be an ironic contradiction, and a waste if done without a structured plan for your specific needs, existing situation and the maturity of your organization.

These are some of the critical elements for our Manufacturing Performance Improvement Process:

▶︎ Customer's product, services, and core value-add delivery gap understanding and containment master plan.

▶︎ Operation Re-Design; Capacity and Capabilities Alignment to your end customer.

▶︎ Uncover within your organization "The Need to Change Awareness."

▶︎ Production Floor Associates Full Empowerment & Multi-Skill Training System - Lean Operational Excellence Program.

▶︎ Real-time Financial Performance and Kaizen Improvement System alignment.

Outsourcing & Vendor Development

Be 9 Sigma has been designing Supply Chain Solutions for manufacturing operations since 1998.

Finding and partnering with the right organizations to leverage expertise and competitive advantages in Manufacturing is the most critical key of success.

Here are the main benefits derivate from a proper Cost Effective Manufacturing Sourcing program:

▶︎ Savings in working capital, lowering of the Inventory cost and release of cash.

▶︎ Improvement on flexibility and delivery times for your end customers.

▶︎ Access to new and different technologies for new product introduction.

▶︎ Full Protection of your intellectual property.

▶︎ Lowering the risk on engineering changes and quality problems in your end product pipeline.