the 35 year anniversary recordings

The "BC35" and "BC35 : Volume Two" records were organized by Martin Bisi  + Genevieve Fernworthy as a celebration of the 35-yr Anniversary of BC Studio.

In 2016, dozens of musicians with ties to the studio descended upon it 

to stage a weekend's worth of performances in honor of the anniversary – 

in some cases, full bands performing new written work; 

in other cases, individuals grouping together randomly and improvising. 

The performances were recorded and mixed,  mostly by Bisi himself, and the first volume was released in 2018. 

Of that album, Pitchfork stated: 

"The credits read like a who’s who of New York’s experimental underground... 

It’s a sonic embodiment of risk-taking, rule-breaking, and antithesis 

that celebrates the endurance of a man and a space tied directly to New York’s noise, 

art-rock, punk, free jazz, hip-hop, and alternative movements... 

Bisi demonstrates—as a producer, engineer, and general facilitator of the avant-garde—

what’s made his name familiar to liner-notes obsessives 

and New York noise nerds for three and a half decades."