Educators' Support

Educators' Role in Designing Meaningful Engagement through Virtual Means

Educators in Buncombe County Schools (BCS) will provide students with learning experiences that continue their planned learning path and help them stay connected with teachers and classmates. These experiences will offer authentic opportunities to focus on key concepts, knowledge, and skills with emphasis on engagement and creativity, while providing a balance of on-screen and/or off-screen assignments designed to complement previous and current standards-based classroom curriculum.

Educators in Buncombe County Schools are responsible for designing coherent instruction related to a specific content area, relying on District-approved curriculum and materials to build student knowledge for that content area, selecting appropriate resources to support the instructional design, and then implementing the instructional lesson plans. Planning for in-person or virtual educational experience also takes into consideration different methods of student engagement, as well as the ways students will be expected to demonstrate their learning. When considering meaningful engagement in learning through virtual means, additional considerations to be made by educators include 1) the identification of the online tools that will best support their students' needs and the chosen instructional design, and 2) considering the individual needs of students when creating assignments to ensure access to the content. The curriculum support and tips and tools provided here are intended to support the ways in which BCS educators and other instructional staff are planning for the meaningful engagement of students in the learning process through virtual means.

Technology Services Support

How to access the BOLT technology ticket system

Help Desk: 828-255-5987 (7:30 AM - 4:00 PM, Monday-Friday)

Live Chat (7:30 AM - 4:00 PM, Monday-Friday)

A Spanish-speaking technician (Técnico- Habla Espanol) is available 7:30am-4:00pm.

If busy, email

Resources for non-certified staff working from home.

+ How to add a co-teacher to a virtual classroom.

> How do I add a co-teacher to a Google Classroom?

> How do I add a co-teacher to a Canvas course?

+ Discovery Education Virtual Learning

> Access Discovery Education through NCEdCloud

+ Video Conferencing (Zoom, Google Meet, Canvas and Microsoft Teams)

BCS Zoom User Guide

K-12 Students do not have access to Zoom through Clever, they will be able to join meetings via a link provided by the teacher. For students using a Windows machine/laptop, should install the Zoom app from the Software Center prior to their first conference. For students using an iPad, install the Zoom app from the iPad's catalog app prior to the first conference.

Zoom Installation Directions for Students - English

Zoom Installation Directions for Students - Spanish

If you are having issues installing the Zoom app, start a Live Chat with one of our "agents" If the chat agent can't help, the agent will put the request info on a remote help list and one of the agents will remote in and run the Zoom installer manually.

3-13 grade students have access to Google Meet. Teachers will initiate Google Meet conferencing from their Google Classroom.

Students using Canvas have access to the conferencing tools in their Canvas classroom and will be initiated by the teacher.

Microsoft Teams is also available district-wide and conferencing will be initiated by the teacher.

Teachers can initiate and facilitate these conferencing tools depending on their needs.

If you are unable to connect through your home WiFi, please check with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or network hardware manufacturer’s website for support.

+ Seesaw Virtual Days Resources

Access Seesaw via iPad app or via on PC.

Here are some new Seesaw resources:

> Remote Learning with Seesaw resources

> Webinar session on how to use Seesaw for remote learning

> And this webinar session with examples from a school that just made the transition in response to COVID-19.

> BBC segment of students using Seesaw at home in the last few weeks

+ Adobe Distance Learning Resources

> Adobe Distance Learning Resources

> Adobe Spark in K-12