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Remote Learning: Frequently Asked Questions

How-To Videos For Student/Parents (Access Help Desk Chat):

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New WNC Wi-Fi Hotspot Lot Map:

(Posted 1/12/2020 )

Skyrunner Internet Access Offer:

(Posted 9/11/2020 ) Skyrunner Internet in Asheville has broadband wireless service available in much of our school district including many locations that do not have cellular coverage. To determine if this is an option at your location, complete the form at or call them at 828-258-8562. Skyrunner also offers discounted services to qualifying households. Families qualifying for free and/or reduced lunch get half off of the typical $99 installation fee and $25/month for 150GB of 5Mbps up/down service (normally $45/month).

Spectrum Internet Assist Offer:

(Posted 9/11/2020) Eligible households with access to Charter service can receive discounted 30Mbps Internet access for $17.99 per month.

AT&T Internet Access Offer:

(Updated 9/28/2020) Access from AT&T expanded from SNAP to include National School Lunch and Head Start programs. Expanded eligibility based on income (135% or less than federal poverty guidelines) and to households participating in the National School Lunch and Head Start programs. Internet service for no more than $10/mo. Includes a data allowance of 150GB or 1TB depending on speed available in your area. $10 charge for each additional 50GB. Visit or call 1-855-220-5211 for complete information and to apply. Update: AT&T, one of the country's main Internet providers, is waiving its home Internet data overage charges through Dec. 31 as many families are both working from home and participating in remote learning at unprecedented rates. We’re automatically waiving home Internet data overage charges for AT&T Internet customers through December 31. That means new and existing AT&T Fiber and AT&T Internet customers can use unlimited data and won’t see overage charges on their home Internet bill through December 31.

French Broad Electric Fiber Availability:

(Posted 9/18/2020) French Broad Electric Membership now has fiber connectivity available in the Grandview, Locus Grove, and Oak Grove Road areas of Buncombe County. They are in progress of adding additional coverage areas. French Broad typically covers up to $2,500 for any special construction installation charges to connect fiber to the home. They offer $50/month (25Mbps up/down) and $75/month (1Gbps up/down) pricing tiers. Pricing: Coverage map:

Sandy Mush Community Center Wi-Fi:

(Posted 9/11/2020) The Sandy Mush Community Center has upgraded and extended their Wi-Fi into the parking lot in order to support students in the Sandy Mush community.

Broad River Fire Department Wi-Fi:

(Posted 9/11/2020) The Broad River Fire Department Wi-Fi is available for students in the Broad River community.

Windows Security Updates (3rd-12th/Staff) Timeline 2020-2021

(Posted 8/28/2020) This is the process and Schedule for Applying Monthly Windows Updates following patch Tuesday each month. Note: Students and staff have seven days to apply the updates at a convenient time before they are force installed.

BCS Virtual Academy (6th-12th) Accepting Applications:

(Posted 8/18/2020) The Buncombe County Schools Virtual Academy is now accepting applications for the spring semester. The BCS Virtual Academy is an enrollment option designed for families seeking a longer-term virtual enrollment, asynchronous instruction, and dual enrollment partnerships for homeschool and private school families. It features core subject instruction facilitated by BCS teachers leveraging Edgenuity's full 6th-12th self-paced curriculum, along with fantastic electives from North Carolina School of Science and Math (NCSSM), North Carolina Virtual Public School (NCVPS), and A-B Tech Community College. BCSVA is a no-cost full-time public school enrollment option, as well as a no-cost dual enrollment option for homeschool and private school families taking two or more courses. BCSVA aims to be the premier virtual academy in WNC. For more information and access to the application visit Type Services Blocked:

Services like are blocked for students because students can use them to bypass restricted YouTube/Vimeo/DailyMotion videos.

NCEDCLOUD Password Changes:

If a password is changed it may take up to 30 minutes for the password to sync with the BCS supplied device as well as downstream applications like Microsoft/Zscaler login. The device must be on and connected to the Internet for the password to sync with the device.

Updated Student Login Matrix:

(Updated 8/27/2020) Student Login Matrix Tip: Student Google Drive/Gmail access is via and not The Webmail category is blocked for students. Clicking "g" icon in NCEDCLOUD portal logs student into Google Drive (Gmail/Docs via 9 dot menu).

Remote Learning Attendance Policy:

(Posted 8/10/2020) Remote Learning Days Attendance Policy.

Picking Up A New Or Replacement Device:

Device login uses your numeric UID and current password. Students are now able to login to a newly issued device for the initial profile load off campus so long as the device is connected to the Internet. The first time a student uses their Web browser they will see or be prompted for a Microsoft login. This is for Zscaler content filtering single sign on via Microsoft Azure. The Microsoft login uses your username format and your current password as provided by your teacher or school. The Zscaler login cookie is set to persist. Staff will be available outside the main entrance to assist you and Wi-Fi has been extended near the main entrance at each school if you want to login before you leave campus.

Note: If you are planning to transfer out of BCS, regardless of grade level, PLEASE contact your current school year principal immediately and make an appointment to drop off your one-to-one device and charger, and homework hotspot if applicable, so that it can be sanitized and imaged for our new to BCS students. It is imperative that we get these devices as soon as possible to have devices for our new to BCS students and so we can process your transfer request.

DuckDuckGo Search Engine Billboards

(Posted 7/1/2020) We have had a number of unblock requests submitted for due to their billboards. While is blocked on student devices, students can access and make their default search engine.

NCDPI Required Remote Instruction Plan

(Updated 6/30/2020) Pursuant to SB704 (SL2020-3) and SBE policy SPLN-006, each Public School Unit (PSU) must submit a Remote Instruction Plan to enable a framework of quality remote instruction by July 20, 2020. The Remote Instruction Plan is a component of our larger Reopening Plan.

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Remote Learning Information...

Students and Families

Buncombe County Schools' students have the responsibility to attend school and show their learning in different ways. Families have a key role in supporting learning when it occurs in the classroom as well as when it occurs virtually.


Educators are responsible for establishing positive and productive learning environments in which students can learn, when it occurs in the classroom as well as when it occurs virtually.