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Attention Spectrum 60 Day Free Internet Advisory

(Updated 5/15/2020) If you signed up for the Charter Spectrum free 60 day broadband offer be advised that Charter is invoicing families as soon as the 60 days expires for the upcoming month. We have been told by Charter that families can call and cancel the service, after receiving the bill, in order to avoid paying charges/pro-rated charges. Call 1-844-488-8395 to cancel the service.

Attention ALL 3rd - 12th Graders (MineCraft EDU)

(Updated 5/13/2020) All 3rd - 12th graders need to complete an important one-time process to enhance device security. Completing this process will enable students to be able to install MineCraft Education Edition from the Buncombe County Schools tab in the Microsoft Store Application on assigned Windows devices running Version 1903. All Buncombe County Students are now licensed for MineCraft Edu using their Microsoft Office 365 account credentials.

Click Start Menu > Click Profile Icon (top of stack) > Click Sign Out > Click "Sign-in Options" > Left Click Orange Shield > Login with your UID and current NCEdCloud password > Press the <Windows> + <R> keys on the physical keyboard and type gpupdate and click OK (This will manually kick off a Group Policy update.)

Once Group Policy finishes updating you should be able to install MineCraft Edu.

To confirm your device is running Windows Version 1903 Click Start > Click System and look for Version. If your device did not automatically upgrade from 1803 (or 1703) before March 13, 2020 you will not be able to run MineCraft Edu on your school computer.

If "Sign-in Options" is missing log back in and try the process again in an hour or two.

STAY INFORMED: Do you know your BCS notification options?

Support For Virtual Days...

Students and Families

Buncombe County Schools' students have the responsibility to attend school and show their learning in different ways. Families have a key role in supporting learning when it occurs in the classroom as well as when it occurs virtually.


Educators are responsible for establishing positive and productive learning environments in which students can learn, when it occurs in the classroom as well as when it occurs virtually.