TCRHS School Nurse

Meet your school nurse

Nurse Taylor (she/her) offers a welcoming and non-judgmental space for bringing any questions about your health. She's here to hear you, encourage you, and provide honest information and resources. In her free time, Nurse Taylor loves to dance in her kitchen and hang out with good dogs on porches.

What kind of topics can you talk to a school nurse about?

  • Injuries & Illness (FOR EMERGENCIES CALL 911)

  • Chronic Conditions & Medications

  • COVID-19 Questions

  • Smoking, Vaping, Substance Use

  • Mental Health, Depression, Anxiety

  • Health, Nutrition, Exercise

  • Disordered Eating

  • Sexual Health, Pregnancy, Contraception

  • Gender-Affirming Health

  • Home or Relationship Concerns: Violence, Abuse, Neglect, Homelessness, Food-Needs

  • Vaccinations

  • Future Careers in Health

  • That weird thing that you are super embarrassed about that is probably normal

Taylor Arace, RN (She/Her/Hers)

MAHEC School Health Nurse at TC Roberson High School

Phone: (828) 712-9891 | Fax: (828) 407-2722