All-County Band


Buncombe County, North Carolina

What is All-County Band?

All-County Band is an auditioned honors ensemble for students enrolled in Buncombe County Schools at the Middle and High School levels. Students selected participate in a two-day Band Clinic with a regionally or nationally known clinician.

What do I do?

In order to be registered and to participate, students will see their Band Director for registration information. All information about requirements for the audition process, as well as the clinic, can be found on this site and through information given by the student's band director.

How much does it cost?

Through gracious funding through Buncombe County Schools, students are not charged for auditions or the clinic. There may be a small charge for food - see the clinic information page for details.

I go to school in Buncombe County at a charter school, can I participate?

Because of the way funding works, the Buncombe County All-County Band is only open to students in the Buncombe County School System. Other students wishing to participate in an honor band are welcome to audition for All-District Band. Please see your Band Director for details!

Good Luck! See you in December!