Lena Guerra, Family and Community Engagement Liaison (FACE)

Hello all! Let me introduce myself, my name is Lena Guerra I am the Franklin Elementary School FACE. I am here to provide support to the parents, families and community of Franklin Elementary School through:

Monthly Parent Cafe’s

Meet and Greets with Franklin Staff

Food Referrals

Educational Parent Sessions

Parents on a Mission (POM)

Loving Solutions

Parent University

Book Studies

Parent Portal Trainings

Volunteer assignments

Community Partnership Presentations

Family Quarterly Nights

5 love Languages of Children

Danish with Dad

Parent Celebration

Parent Bonding

You can reach me directly at 631-3118.

You can also contact me via ParentSquare or by email at guerral@bcsd.com

Franklin's Virtual Parent Center

Welcome to the Franklin's Virtual Parent Center! Click the image below to visit our virtual Parent Center. Be sure to click on our Virtual Parent Center News Bulletin Board for the latest information about upcoming FACE events and a monthly FACE Calendar. Additionally, you can click the following icons:

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Franklin's Calendar

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