June 9, 2020

Hello 2020-21 Student Assembly Members!

Welcome to CNHS Student Assembly for the 2020-2021 school year. As you already know many things for the following school year are up in the air until we hear from Governor Holcomb about what the fall will look like for Indiana K-12 Education, and also what Dr. Roberts decides will work for the BCSC community.. However, we don’t have to just sit around and wait, many things can be done this summer through small groups, maintaining social distancing and using technology in our favor.

First thing we need is Summer Contact Information. We have developed a Google document similar to what we have always used to help keep in contact and see if you would be available to help with 9th Grade Orientation and the annual summer mailer.

Please complete this form! Google Form Link: Summer Google Survey

(As of right now Freshman Orientation is set for July 31st and the Mailer Day is July 17th.)

Student Work-Ons! Mr. Marsh will be working with our students who want to join our student assembly using the work on pathway. Due to the COVID 19 rules,our work-on program might follow a different set of requirements.

Besides dealing with the effects of COVID-19, the start of the school year will be different for all of us. By now you are aware that CNHS will be going to a Block Schedule. The plan would be for student assembly to use an advisory time period for our meeting as the goal is not to remove you from academic classes for Student Assembly or Student Council meetings.

On a final note, we are hoping that we can start an annual “Fun Day.” This would be a chance for us to celebrate the end of the year, or as a fun outing to begin the year. We would like to develop a committee of volunteers that would be willing to help discuss and bring this “Fun Day” into action.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone back at school and working with you to make Columbus North High School a great place to be.

Mr. Green Mr. Marsh