2020-2021 BAND

Columbus, Indiana


[Updated: 7/24/2020]

As in the past, each BCSC elementary school will have band classes at their school.

The band days and times for your school will be communicated to the student by your band director once school begins.

Do not bring your instrument (or music book, etc.) to school until your band director tells you to do so. Your director will first meet you and your band friends and then inform you of when to start bringing your instrument for class.


[Updated: 8/20/2020]

Contact your band director for more information.

When you let your director know you are on Bridge or Virtual Pathway, the director will then advise you on options that may be available for band at your school.


[Updated: 7/24/2020]

If you missed the opportunity to try the instruments, begin here.

On our website menu, you will see a tab for "Instruments" where you can see how each instrument is played and what it sounds like.

You may select any instrument you like, however, if you are thinking of playing oboe or horn you first need to contact your band director -not all schools start these two instruments.


[Updated: 7/24/2020]

The vast majority of parents rent.

We strongly advise renting over buying because when renting through Paige's Music, you are guaranteed to get a real instrument that is either new or in excellent condition (your choice). Every instrument requires periodic maintenance and sometimes students accidentally drop their instrument. All maintenance and repairs are FREE when you rent with Paige's -they pick up your instrument at school, bring a free loaner, then return your instrument to the school the next week.

You will need the proper music book and accessory items for your instrument. For $42.75 (including tax), Paige's has bundled these together into a "STARTER PACK." This is a one-time purchase -and with that purchase, your first month of rental is FREE. So, this is a very economical way to try band for one month with a minimal investment. If you decide not to continue within that first month, simply return the instrument to the director, keep the starter pack, and your rental contact will be cancelled without you having made any rental payments.

If you are thinking of buying an instrument...

If you are thinking of buying an instrument, please contact your band director first so we can help you guarantee your child has a great first impression and an easy start in band. Your child only gets one first-impression when starting in band! Many instruments advertised on the internet look great but are made so poorly that they are virtually unplayable, and break within the first few months -this costs the parent money and leaves the student frustrated. Your band directors can't emphasize enough how important it is that your child begins on an instrument that we all know works properly!

Beware of anything that is available in different colors, includes gloves, includes an instrument stand, includes a screwdriver, or charges extra for a case! Beware of a clarinet that includes two barrels! Beware of a flute that includes a tube of grease! An instrument labelled as "professional" or "director approved" is not a guarantee of quality! Beware of anything being sold for under $400!

Buying a good used instrument is possible, but again contact your director first. We often see students trying to start on a used instrument that simply is not playable because it is in need of repairs. Any used instrument needs to go to a repair shop first for an inspection before being handed to a student -this will allow the parent to know if any repairs are necessary prior to purchasing, and will guarantee a positive first impression for the student. Paige's will do this inspection for free.


[Updated: 7/24/2020]

Email is the preferred method of communication for all directors.

Tim Brookshire: (812) 322-9212

East HS, CSA Fodrea, CSA Lincoln, Richards, Smith, Clifty Creek

Keith Burton: (812) 376-4258

North HS, Southside, Schmitt, and Parkside

BJ Marks: (812) 376-4275

Northside MS, Mount Healthy, Rockcreek

David Rodgers: (812) 376-4353

East HS, Central MS

Bryan Munoz: (812) 376-4258

North HS

Allison Hein: (812) 526-5448 x102