Remote Learning

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School Preparedness Plan

Purpose: To plan and prepare to instruct and feed students if an outbreak of a pandemic would occur that requires a closing of school buildings. Instruction should be varied for equitable access for all families and students. Meals should be provided through various methods.

Administrator responsibility:

  • Oversee food preparation process and delivery methods.

  • Ensure teacher plans and practices align to the New Jersey Department of Education academic standards and the needs of students.

  • Communicate clear and concise plans to all families, teachers and staff.

  • Maintain an administrative presence in the building unless directed otherwise by a representative from the Department of Health.

  • Check and respond to emails and/or phone calls.

Teacher responsibility:

  • Provide parents and students with a plan explaining how daily material will be presented (ex: work packets).

  • Communicate daily through Google Classroom, email, and/or teacher websites.

  • Post all instructions, assignments, assessments, and learning materials to Google Classroom or teacher websites if applicable.

  • Check and answer emails.

  • Be available to answer questions and provide support and/or feedback during teacher office hours for a minimum of two hours each day.

  • Provide lessons and activities that students can complete independently without face-to-face instruction.

Staff Responsibility:

  • Staff Responsibility Staff that is not assigned a classroom of children to instruct will add resource pages as applicable, i.e. nurse, counselor, etc. Staff that are supplemental such as instructional assistants, will be working on Safe Schools or other forms of professional development developed and assigned by their supervisor.

Student responsibility:

  • Complete the daily assigned work in a timely manner and submit as required by each teacher.

  • Keep an open line of communication with your teachers.

  • If applicable, check student email and/or Google Classroom for each class daily or follow the procedures provided by your teacher(s).

  • If a student is ill and unable to participate in remote instruction, this should be communicated to teachers or administration via email. Once the student is well enough, make-up work will be handled through normal procedures.

Family responsibility:

  • We are exploring alternate delivery options for speech, occupational therapy, and counseling services.

  • Any missed sessions will be rescheduled once the school resumes normal operations.

  • All students will continue to have access to special education teachers. These teachers will continue to implement the accommodations and modifications listed in each student’s IEP.

  • Use email as the primary method of contacting administration, teaching staff, counselors, case managers, etc. (please note that phone calls and messages may result in a longer response time).

  • Monitor student participation and assignment completion by checking Genesis at least once per week.