British Columbia Fire Fighters' Association Presents Fire Ops 101

September 25, 2017

Vancouver Fire & Rescue Training Centre

Gord Ditchburn President

President's Message

Fire Ops 101 is a premiere event that provides elected officials and other decision makers at every level an inside look at what it means to be a fire fighter. From donning the heavy protective gear, advancing hose lines into a burning building, cutting patients out of a vehicle to performing life saving CPR, spending the day side by side with frontline fire fighters will provide a glimpse into what a day is like in protecting our communities. Responding to all types of hazards and emergency calls, fire fighters are called upon to make decisions that affect the lives of others and having the necessary resources to carry out safely is paramount. Working with our elected officials and decision makers is vitally important to ensure that they understand the needs of keeping the public safe.

On behalf of the BCPFFA, thanks to Local 18, Vancouver Fire & Rescue Chief Darrell Reid and the Training Division for providing the facility and resources.


Gord Ditchburn

Valuable Information Below about EMS Exposures, known Carcinogens, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Fire Fighting Staffing.

Fire Fighters_AtRisk_EMS_Exposures.pdf
Fire Fighters_KnownCarcinogens.pdf
Fire Fighters_RespondTo_MVA.pdf
Fire Fighters_SafeStaffing.pdf

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