The PreK children are having fun each day, and, although the weather outside is pretty cold, we are enjoying our time together and getting outside as much as we can. PLEASE make sure your child is dressed appropriately, so he/she will be comfortable, as we go outside often.

Our Grocery Theme has come to an end, and we are now transitioning to the Restaurant Theme. We are making props and setting up centers so we can be fully immersed in playing the theme! (See more pictures in the "Themes" Tab!)

We had fun decorating cupcakes!

We all decorated delicious cupcakes as our Grocery Theme came to a conclusion. All of the children enjoyed spreading the frosting, and adding toppings!

We are so excited to have your child in our Pre-K program at BBES! We are having an amazing year together!

Mrs. Roth, Mrs. Degnan and Ms. Merkelbach

Mrs. D and Mrs. Nardone

Teacher Contact Information:

732-775-4413 x328

732-775-4413 x305