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Today's Lessons:

Today, 4/3, CONGRATULATIONS! You are all moving up a level! Unfortunately, I do not have new paper packets for you, so we are going to have to get creative! I did send you home with a composition book, we are going to try our best to copy the work into the notebooks from the web!

You will all need, a pencil and your composition notebook.


Level H: Yesterday, we spoke about ed endings. We add ed to the end of a word to say that it happened in the past. Remember that ed has three sounds? See this video to help. Sometimes, ed can have the /t/ sound, like the word; jumped. It can also have the /d/ sound, like in the word; cried. Finally, ed can sound like it looks, like in the word; wanted. Today we are going to talk about a different sound that the digraph (th) can say. Scroll to lesson 84 and create a similar graphic organizer in your composition book.

Here is my YOUTUBE Video for today's lesson.x

Level J: Yesterday, we did a small review of the patterns we have learned: looking for syllables, unch pattern, silent e, tr blend, and oud pattern. Today, we are going to learn a new pattern: ight. You can read/hear the sound ight in the words: fight, might and light. Remember that good readers recognize patterns! Scroll to lesson 105 and see my video.

Here is my YouTube Video for this lesson.

Level L: Yesterday, we spoke about being aware that a single letter can change, or morph, a word into something new. It is important to notice that words can look a like, but have different letters. So, remember to "look through" your words and notice the letters. Today, were going to notice that good readers can notice patterns in words. In this case, were going to notice how some words are present in other words. Scroll to lesson 5 in your link.

Here is my YouTube Video for this lesson:

Hey Kids! Remember our poem by Maurice Sendak? Here is April's..

As always, please be reading and talking out loud the words that you're gluing. After your phonics, please read two books on your RAZ-Kids account. I will be checking daily to see who has signed in.

Please email me with any questions.

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