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Homework and Makeup Work Policy

It is the student's responsibility to turn in work that he or she was not able to turn in due to, absence, sports, band, etc.. A "Missing" status equivalent to a 0% will be placed into FOCUS until the student turns in work that was collected on its original due date. Failure to schedule to make up tests or quizzes missed due to the same circumstances will also result in a zero until student makes appropriate arrangements. Please refer to school handbook for details. Students are still responsible for turning in any work that was assigned prior their absence on the ORIGINAL due date. This does not apply to the 1/1 day ratio.

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Homework April 8-12

Grammar Quiz: Commas, to, two, too and their, there, they're: Wednesday, April 9

Text Structure Packet Due Friday, April 11

Long Term Assignments Below


End of Year Requirements coming soon!!!

Final End of Year Project:

This project will count for a double grade.

Due dates are pending per end of year schedule - after FSA Testing is completed.

Click below for the rubric.