Dear Parents, Caregivers, and Students

We believe that every child deserves encouragement that his or her life matters. We also believe that it is our role to support the hopes and dreams our students hold for their future.

Through the Baugo Promise 529 plan, all students in grades K-2, will begin to build identity through classroom lessons about college and career discovery. They’ll cement that identity by becoming academically ready and establishing educational savings. Our community recently gathered to celebrate their aspirations when our students visited the campus of Bethel College for the “Walk Into My Future” event. Each of the activities that are part of the Promise will inspire hope for the future in the lives of our students.

The benefits of instilling hope are too numerous to count; hope is the greatest predictor of future success. Yet hope cannot be nurtured without a strong support system. We hope you will become active participants and champions for all youth in our county.

We are proud to present the Baugo Promise, because we strongly support efforts that make Jimtown a better place to work, play and live. To us, this means encouraging and supporting the hopes and dreams of the youngest members in our community. We are enthusiastic supporters of the Promise and hope you will be too.

A very special thanks to our Teachers and Staff! Their belief and dedication to your child led to their contributions of over $10,000 to the Baugo Promise. We believe in your child’s future!


● Help shape the college and career identity of students so they build hope for the future

● Help families start saving for the future using CollegeChoice 529 accounts

● Bring the county together to become champions for all students


Enroll in CollegeChoice 529 accounts

● Participate in age appropriate college and career discovery lessons in the classroom

● Experience college at the “Walk Into My Future” field trip to Bethel College

● Invite “champions” to provide encouragement to your child and to make an investment in your child’s CollegeChoice 529 account


● Just for completing enrollment in a CollegeChoice 529 at school registration, our faculty and staff will make a $25 investment in new accounts in grade levels K-2

● As part of college and career discovery lessons in their classrooms, students ask their champions to make a gift of $5.29 or more into their 529 college savings account

● Students who raise $25 or more receive an additional community matching gift

● Champions provide words of encouragement and support for a student’s aspirations and make a gift of $5.29 or more to the student's CollegeChoice 529 account