Boss Broyles

Digital Photography | Digital Art | Fashion | Yearbook | Advanced Art | Remote Art

The LynxArtLinks link above will take you to Ms. Broyles site for all of her classes.

Please email Ms. Broyles if you have any questions.

Parents: It is best practice to have your student log into Google Classroom [or you should have their login information as we are a team in the business in educating your child] and review assignments posted there.

Classes are run as if the students have a job in a Design Studio.

All students have a online portfolio that will be updated each month on the Monthly Progress page.

Each student will present, connect, and reflect on their artwork they have created in their Art Gallery page.

The students are evaluated each month on their progress using this rubric.

All assignments in Google Classroom

will need to be completed by the final semester deadline for credit to be earned.

*Just like a job, sometimes people need more time to work on projects,

so deadlines are fluid if the student needs it, except for the semester deadline.

My office hours are:

Monday and Thursday:

  • 7:45-10:35
  • 3:00-3:15

Tuesday and Friday:

  • 7:45-9:15
  • 3:00-3:!5

If you need to meet with me or come use the Lab, please use this link to let me know you are coming in so I can be sure to be in room 16.