Basin Elementary School

Educating Today's Children for Tomorrow's World

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Welcome to Basin Elementary!   The Basin Elementary faculty and staff are eager to begin another school year where we can all work together as a community of learners. We are committed to offering all students an exceptional education with enriching activities and support in a safe and nurturing learning environment. We are focused on student achievement and personal growth. 

As a district we are committed to providing our students with meaningful content knowledge that focuses on application to real life learning as well as curriculum that deepens students’ understanding of standards. In addition to our goals on raising academic achievement and strengthening our students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills, we will continue to emphasize student voice and leadership opportunities.  Furthermore, another area that we are continuing to emphasize is STEM education. Throughout the year, both in the classroom and in extra-curricular activities, students will be challenged with STEM related activities and opportunities to apply their knowledge. 

As a school, we value continuous improvement and take great pride in providing our students the best possible education.  The faculty and staff strive for excellence and have high expectations for themselves and their students. We are committed to providing your students with meaningful learning experiences that will help promote academic as well as social growth and prepare them to be contributing citizens in tomorrow’s world.  

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