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Nutrition Services

Director, CheyAnne Fant

Accounting and Compliance, Stacy Hammer & Lisa Yarberry

202 West Washington, Glasgow, KY 42141 (270) 651-3787


We are delivering meals to students who choose to work virtually, but you will need to complete the form on our website, or you may contact Barren County Board of Education at (270) 651-3787.

Want to Opt Out, ADD or change address for meal delivery?

2019-20 Annual Food & Wellness Forum held Jan 14 2021

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2nd Semester services

BCMS & Elementary Kitchens will be open for MEALS with curbside pick up on Monday, Jan 4 & 5, 2021.

Then deliveries will be made on:

  • Monday, Jan 4, 2021 for VIRTUAL (OPTION 2 or 3) students who signed up for meal delivery. (To be added or removed from the list, please complete the form above. ) Further delivery dates are as follows: Jan 15 (20 day meal kits) & February 12 (15 day meal kits)

  • Wednesday, Jan 6, 2021 for IN-PERSON (OPTION 1) students who have not opted out of food delivery. The first delivery will be a 10 day meal kit. If you have previously opted out, there is no need to do so again. (If you have changed from an Option 2 or 3 student to an Option 1 student for the second semester, please complete the form above to ensure correct delivery.) Next delivery date is Jan 22 (18 day meal kits). Because in-person students will be attending school in the building two days per week, each child will also get meal delivery for the days they are not in the building. These meals will include breakfast, lunch, and super-snacks/dinner.

Menu for ALL students 2020-21

What's for Lunch?

Need special meals?

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Allergy and Special Meals Forms


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Make PAyment

You can add money to your account for extras or adult meals

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Meal Charge Policy

School Lunch Info.pdf

Why Eat Lunch at School?

Provides a balanced meal

Helps students learn where their food comes from with Farm to School activities

Saves time (packing a lunch takes 30 hours each year)

Supports learning with healthy eating related to better academic performance

School Breakfast Info.pdf

How does school breakfast help families?

Fuels learning - Students can't concentrate when they are hungry!

Provides better nutrition - People who eat breakfast have higher intakes of fiber, B Vitamins, calcium, iron and other nutrients.

Saves time - school breakfast can simplify your morning routine!

Wellness Resources

Kindergarten Readiness

PTA Parent Guides by grade

MyPlate Resources

Parenting Tips for behavior, communication and more

Looking for some great spaces for physical activity? Check out out playgrounds, join us for open gym opportunities, use our green space for family fun! Afterschool programs and little league programs are open to all to get some great physical activities for your student! Contact schools for more specific information.

All school gyms are open for walking clubs 30 minutes prior to the start school each day, and all afterschool programs incorporate physical activity time.

Nutrition Services Employees - Please use the link above to access your at home learning link.