Updated: friday, july 10, 2020

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2020 Illinois River Closure - Closures for repairs at various Locks on the Illinois River have begun and will last until the end of October 2020

The recent flood event on the Illinois has NOT impacted the start date to the extensive lock work on the Illinois River. Lock closures begin July 1st and the river is not scheduled to fully reopen until November 1st. Final dates for loading and unloading barges above the closure are rapidly approaching over the coming days. See the below links for details regarding this highly impactful event.

2020 Illinois Closeout 2020 Illinois Lock Closure Summary

Today's Key Issues

  • Olmsted Locks and Dam (Ohio River Mile 964.6): Olmsted Locks and Dam (Ohio River Mile 964.6): Wickets are now up as of today, July 9
  • John T. Meyers Locks and Dam (OR846) - The MAIN chamber will be fully closed from 7-10-20 to 9-10-20 for maintenance and repairs. Auxiliary chamber will be used. Delays expected.
  • Marmet Lock (KR068) - will be closed until 7-8-20 pm or maybe even 7-9-20 am for transit due to dredging at the lock.
  • One-Way Traffic at Victoria Bend - Swift Current at Victoria Bend (LM 594-597) is driving one-way traffic measures. Downbound traffic to pass daylight hours until cleared, Upbound traffic to pass at night or when no SBD boats are present. Expect 8-12 hr delay. We received a positive survey report from USACE, indicating that the swift current may be scoring out silt from the flood and reducing the likelihood of severe shoaling issues we faced last year.
  • Lower Miss Flood Recovery - As the river continues to fall, industry will be on the lookout for shoaling in areas which drove multi-day delays to operations following the 2019 flood. Swift currents and the shoaling potential are driving some one-way restrictions and we remain restricted on towsize by 5-10 barges or a 14-28% reduction in productivity.
  • Gulf and Canals Weather Update - Primarily good operating conditions forecast across the region through the weekend into Monday, 7/13. Potential for some high winds Sunday evening on the Canals.

River Closures & Restricted Movements

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