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Banyan Studio is a fitness studio that features movement classes for the 50+ population. Flexibility, balance, and strength are key to successful aging. Banyan Studio classes focus on improving these qualities. Whether you are just starting or just ready to try something new, we will meet your fitness level and support your fitness journey.

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We are also looking for instructors interested in working with this special patient population who can create restorative classes 

Functional Fitness For Seniors

Bodies change with aging and before you know it, stiffness sets in and things that you could always do are now hard. Sheila has developed a class of activities specific for seniors which will restore flexibility and regain strength. Age successfully with Sheila

Tuesdays and Thursadays @ 10:30-11:30

To sign up for classes call Sheila Finch at 

907-317-2851 or email at sheila.l.finch@gmail.com

Cost is $15.00 per class

Chair Tai Chi

Tai Chi was originally developed as a martial art. It is a sequence of movements through a variety of postures designed to improve flexibility and balance. Chair Tai Chi incorporates this flow of movement which is then adapted around a seated posture. This allows people with mobility limitations to participate and enjoy the benefits that Tai Chi has to offer.

Mondays and Wednesdays @ 11:00- 11:45

To sign up for classes,

 please call 907-677-4391 or email cptherapy@protonmail.com

Cost is $15.00 per class


Breath work is an essential component of all varieties of exercise and mindful meditations but how well is yourdiaphragm muscle actually working? Chronic restrictions and poor coordination may be limiting your potential. This 4 part series introduces the anatomy of the diaphragm and its relationship to other core muscles. Learn how to assess your breath mechanics and improve not only your breath capacity but also enhance the health of other parts of your body with guided breath exercise 

Classes are dependent on interest and will be offered  on Saturdays at 10:30 for four consecutive one hour sessions. 

Cost is 100.00 for all four classes.

We want to expand our class times but need more feedback for time preferences. Please email us at cptherapy@protonmail.com and let us know what works for you!

Find us at 615 East 82nd Avenue Suite B6 

Call 907-677-4391 if you have any problems with scheduling, payment, or location