Information for 1st and 2nd Year Teachers

Mentorship Committee Mission Statement

IBA participates in the Iowa Alliance for Arts Education Mentor Program for Beginning Teachers.

The purpose of the Iowa Bandmaster’s Association Mentorship committee is to facilitate a positive and successful experience for beginning (first year and new to Iowa) Band Directors through the benefit of mentors.

Some areas where can help:

1. To identify first year and new to Iowa band directors

2. To assign local experienced band directors as mentors for first year and new to Iowa band directors.

3. To assign Iowa Bandmasters Association of Retired Directors (IBARD) to first year band directors if requested. IBARD mentors, through the Iowa Association of Arts Educators (IAAE) and Department of Education (DE) grant, are allowed four visits per mentee to assist in many different capacities such as:

a. Observe and offer suggestions

b. Devise a scheduling plan for a successful band curriculum

c. Discuss quality band literature

d. Assist in rehearsals

e. Assist in a capacity designed by the first year band director

4. To organize, promote and facilitate the instrumental portion of the New Director’s Fall Symposium Workshop.

Our mentorship program is here to help new directors. We do this by matching new (first and/or second year) directors with an experienced director as a mentor to help them throughout the year in a variety of ways. This help might include deadline reminders, suggestions on literature, ideas for rehearsals and performances, introducing them to other directors, or making helpful music contacts in Iowa and beyond. Many times the mentor simply serves as a sounding board, but a sounding board that understands and many times has experienced similar situations.

We have had a great deal of success with our program with many of our mentors and new directors contacting each other via e-mail and phone as well as visits to their schools. We encourage meeting face to face and attending many Iowa Bandmasters Association (IBA) and other band events/festivals throughout the year. The more events a director attends, the more they can meet with other directors and have a variety of experiences that provides valuable information when deciding the future of their band program. Being involved outside of our schools helps create necessary networks to keep the future of our new directors, music programs, and music education strong and successful.

The mentorship program provides financial reimbursement for Iowa Bandmasters Association Retired Directors (IBARD) to visit schools that employ first/second year directors. These one on one visits are important to physically see the rooms, schedules, and set up the directors are working in. This portion of our program has been a tremendous success and we hope many more new directors will take advantage of this valuable resource.

The Spring Iowa Bandmasters Conference is a valuable tool for all band directors, but also offers a ‘first-year’ track for new directors. The concerts and workshop sessions provide valuable information and refreshing ideas for the classroom. Grants from the IAAE mentor program up to $250 each are available for beginning directors to help cover the cost of attending the IBA conference.

Mentorship Coordinator

Ted Schacherer