Junior High and Middle School Affairs

The Iowa Bandmaster's Association Middle School affairs committee is dedicated to providing the leadership necessary to support and strengthen Iowa's Middle School Band directors and their programs. The committee will accomplish this by providing meaningful educational opportunities to students and serving as a professional resource for directors.

JH/Middle School Affairs jhms@bandmasters.org

NW - Nikole Nuttall (25) nnuttall@alta-aurelia.k12.ia.us

NC - Alexa Gibbs (25)-2 alexa_gibbs@s-hamilton.k12.ia.us

NE- Michael Davies (23) Chair michael.davies@linnmar.k12.ia.us

SW - Marty Aldrich (24) martin.aldrich@lewiscentral.org

SC -Christian Baughman (24) christian.baughman@ankenyschools.org

SE - Rusty Raymond (23) raymondr@oskycsd.org