Reed Math and Science Center


We welcome City Collegians to the Reed Math & Science Center to develop your inner investigator. Our goal as friendly peer-tutors is to lead students into a deep understanding of mathematical and scientific concepts in order to have collegians see the significance of math and science in life as a whole and not just in the classroom. Without judgment, we encourage and empower our clients to excel in all their mathematical and scientific endeavors. We won’t guarantee that it will be easy but we’re ready to guide you if you’re ready to explore.

About us!

We are current City College students.

We work closely with City College teachers. We are their teaching assistants in their classes. We are thoroughly knowledgeable about the work required for success in City College courses.

We are trained in peer tutoring. We’ve learned about questioning, our brains, and how people learn math. We’re ready to start with whatever prior knowledge a student has, and get them to the understandings that they need.

We love data. We collect a lot of it! We want to know how we’re doing and how we can improve. We collect data from students, from teachers, and from ourselves. We use it to improve our practice and our functioning as a Center.