Welcome Employers!

Whether you're a small business or a member of the Fortune 100, we'd like to welcome you to our portal for connecting with the San Francisco Bay Area student workforce.

This site has been put together by a group of professionals working with High Schools, Adult Schools, and Community Colleges across the Region.

To learn more about how you can work with our students, we have created resources for you based on the type of opportunity available at your company. We offer the following options:

Work-based Learning
(K12 & Colleges)


Summer & Full-time Jobs (Colleges)

Work-based Learning

Earn & Learn

Many employers are looking to get more deeply involved in their communities to support students in K12 and College to learn more about the world of work. Whether it's offering a student tour, a job-shadow, or an internship, there are many ways to help your local schools.

In the Bay Region, we recommend connecting with Earn & Learn, a tool widely used by K12 Districts and Colleges across the Region.

You can provide information to Earn & Learn directly here, who will connect you with a Relationship Manager, or use the map on the right to locate the specific educational institution you're interested to partner with.


Adele Burnes - Regional Director of Apprenticeships

Apprenticeship is an opportunity for employers to create a customized, skilled workforce pipeline in partnership with community colleges. The Apprenticeship pathway allows a student to earn a living wage as an apprentice in your company, while learning on the job and and through specialized classroom training outside of work, earning credit towards a degree. Employers who have established apprenticeship programs across many sectors, appreciate a clear ROI, greater workforce diversity and higher talent retention. We can facilitate the connection and setup of an apprenticeship program together.

To learn more about apprenticeship or to set up your apprenticeship program in the Bay Area, please contact Adele Burnes, and she will collaborate to design your program and identify the college(s) that could fit your program needs.

Contact: adele@baccc.net

Summer & Full-time Jobs

The 28 California Community Colleges in the San Francisco Bay Area serve thousands of students from across the region every year. We welcome your efforts to hire graduates of our certificate and degree programs.

Each College is responsible for choosing the hiring platform for their school. There are 3 job platforms in use across the Region: Handshake, JobSpeaker, and College Central Network.

Below, you can find a map of our Colleges, color-coded based on the Job Platform used by each College. To hire students from a specific College, please use the relevant Job Platform above.

For questions, please contact the Micah Merrick, Regional Director of Employer Engagement at micah@baccc.net. Thank you!