Community of Practice


We are bringing together Community College Business Faculty from across the SF Bay Region to share resources and best practices. We have currently support the following business sub-disciplines:

Accounting, Administrative (HR, Assistants, & BIW), Business Administration, Business Law, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Management (General, Retail, & Healthcare), Real Estate.

Our Community of Practice serves two purposes:

1) An opportunity for faculty to build relationships with each other.
2) A central location to organize and store content, curriculum, and best practices. For the latter purpose, we are using the Canvas LMS to store and organize this content. We refer to this as our virtual Community of Practice (vCoP).

Contact Information

Xavier Nazario

Regional Director | Employer Engagement

San Francisco, North, & East Bay

C: 707.596.3622

Micah Merrick

Regional Director | Employer Engagement

SF Peninsula, South Bay, & Monterey Bay Peninsula

C: 267.481.2246

Monthly Update for May, 2020

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