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Cyber Security - Data Privacy - Enterprise Architecture


Our Consultants can assess your current capabilities in Cyber Security, Data Privacy or Enterprise Architecture. Identify risks and opportunities for improvement. Help you develop and deliver pragmatic approcahes to reduce your risks and improve your capabilities.


We can work with you in a number of ways. We can provide experienced practitioners for short term engagements to augment your teams and we provide specialised mini-services in Data Privacy and Enterprise Architecture Practices. Whether you need a Head of Architecture or domain architect, Data Protection Officer or analyst, we are able to help.

For Data Privacy these vary from a complete Data Protection Officer Service to managing incoming Data Subject Requestson your behalf.

Our Enterprise Architecture services include 'Design Reviews as a Service', 'Design Authority Office' and 'Software Currency Roadmap'.


We provide Data Privacy training to help you meet your GDPR obligations, training for your IT team in both Enteprise Architecture and Solution Architecure. Our training is offered on-line and in person. We can also tailor training specific to your organisations needs.

As well as formal training our consultants are also available to provide structured moentoring to your teams or to provide expert faciltiation for your workshops on Data Privacy or Enterprise Architecture.

Whatever your Cyber Security, Data Privacy or IT Strategy & Architecture needs contact us today to discuss how we can help your organisation.