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News (5/23/2018)

Middle School Parents we have a new way to register for Middle School Camps. Click on the Middle School Tab at the top for more details!

News (5/7/2018)

Our Off-Season Program for our players is still going strong as our players are preparing for our first camp day June 1st which is followed by a Cookout for Parents of players in grades 9-12. Please Review Calendars and the Up-Coming Due Dates for Camp Money and helmet pass out days which are coming up in a couple of weeks!

News (2/22/2018)

Our Off-Season Program for our players is in full swing! Our players are putting in great effort in the Weight room and at T3 increasing their strength and speed as we prepare for our March testing dates on the 16th and 17th. Stay tuned for more updates and the winter and off-season progress!

News (1/10/2018)

Welcome to the Avon Football Team site!

This site will provide new and information about our current team and past teams!

Currently our team in is the First Phase of their off-season training.


This site will soon be linked to Coach Elders twitter account so immediate updates will be available!

Coach Elders Corner

Messages and Updates from Coach Elder!