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Avon High School's Core Values and Beliefs

Avon High School is a student centered community that empowers each member to engage in authentic and substantive learning, develop effective leadership, and demonstrate humane character.

THE NINE - Learning Expectations

Academic Expectation #1 - LEARN

Make interdisciplinary connections and integrate previous learning experiences

Academic Expectation #2 - THINK

Use a variety of critical thinking and problems solving strategies

Academic Expectation #3 - STRIVE

Assess the value of information, produce quality work, and strive for mastery

Academic Expectation #4 - EXPRESS YOURSELF

Express ideas clearly and creatively

Academic and Social Expectation #5 - FACE CHALLENGES

Respond to success and failure with reflection, resilience, and integrity

Social Expectation #6 - CONTRIBUTE

Listen to the ideas of others and contribute in a meaningful way

Social Expectation #7 - CHOOSE WELL

Make informed choices that promote mental, physical, and emotional well-being

Social Expectation #8 - BELONG

Enjoy a sense of inclusion and belonging

Civic Expectation #9 - DO GOOD

Act in an ethical manner and recognize the potential to effect change