AVID eBinder

Single Subject

This is the eBinder homepage.

[Sections in gray are meant for educators to learn more about the parts of the eBinder and how to use it. Delete these sections before students make their copies.]

The homepage houses the purpose, description, and goals of the eBinder. This could include the course description, course objectives, and any other important course documents. The homepage is also a place for students to personalize by creating their (fake) student profile and sharing their academic, college, and career goals.

What is an eBinder?

We thought long and hard on what a binder is meant to be, and we have narrowed it down to a place for "collection, reflection, and recollection." In keeping with this idea, we have separated the eBinder into units. Within each unit are task pages. These tasks are initiated whenever an essential question is asked. In these task pages, students document their learning by collecting Focused Notes and Learning Artifacts and then reflecting on their learning in the Learning Blog.


To build ownership of an eBinder, students can personalize their binder through this student profile. This format encourages students to think through appropriate ways to post content about themselves online.

Student Profile

The template at the right will help you to personalize this eBinder with information about you!

Student Profile showing placeholders for biographical info

Class Information

Teachers can use this space to describe their course, upload a syllabus, or embed links to online resources, such as an online textbook.