Parents and community volunteers



Parent volunteers can serve teachers and students in a variety of ways. Learn the benefits of parent involvement in the classroom, including positive impact on their child's grades and self-esteem, increased teacher morale and overall improvement of the educational environment. 


Who are We?

The Mission of Littlerock High School is to offer a safe and secure setting that promotes personal and academic growth where in students are provided with creative and challenging opportunities to become productive citizens.

The Littlerock High School staff believes that education is a lifelong learning process that empowers students to develop personal, academic, aesthetic, technical, and communication skills. Further, we support career-based instruction in a secure environment that encourages the development of students as proactive citizens.

Take a Step and Volunteer

Application, Requirements, and Process

This application is for Parent Volunteers only! In order to process you as a parent volunteer the following items need to be completed and submitted to the School Site Volunteer Coordinator/Secretary: Angelica Cardenas or Emailed to 

Please note that in order to start volunteering the full application packet needs to be turned in along with a copy of a current ID and TB test (an emailed picture of the documents will be just fine). I will then call you to schedule an appointment for DOJ fingerprinting which must be done before volunteering.

Last a volunteers identification card will be made for you at a onetime orientation.

NEW Parent Volunteer Packet #1 FILLABLE 22-23.pdf
Ret Parent Volunteer Req 22-23 FILLABLE.pdf

How can we contact you?