LnHS High School Counseling Department

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We’re excited to announce that Lancaster High School has officially obtained RAMP designation for our school counseling program from the American School Counselor Association.

What is RAMP? Learn more: https://www.schoolcounselor.org/RAMP

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To schedule a virtual appointment with a counselor please visit designated link below.

(Counselors are designated by last name. Please see alpha next to names to find your counselor)

Gretchen Teaney (C-Er) https://gteaney.youcanbook.me

Melody Briseño (Es-He) https://briseno.youcanbook.me

Christina Rogge (Pi-Sm) https://rogge.youcanbook.me

Melissa Vattioni (Sn-Z) https://mvattioni.youcanbook.me

*Please note that there is always a Counselor of the Day in the virtual drop-in room who is able to meet with a student and/or parent if their assigned counselor is not available.

To meet with a Counselor of the Day, please visit our virtual drop-in room Mon-Fri from 8:00 AM-3:00 PM at http://bit.ly/lnhscounselingdropin

Course Selection for the 2021-2022 school year:

Please click on one of the following links below to help you select your courses for the 2021-2022 school year. After you have looked at the list of courses, log in to your STUDENT PowerSchool Account and select courses under the Class Registration tab.

Click this link: If you are currently in 11th Grade.

Click this link: If you are currently in 10th Grade

Click this link: If you are currently in 9th Grade

If you are currently in 8th grade, please return to the main page and click on FUTURE STUDENTS

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Lancaster High School Counselors

Mr. Anderson

Head Counselor (A- B)


Mrs. Teaney



Mrs. Briseño (Es-He)


Ms. Ortega (Hi-Ma)


Ms. Penny (Mc-Ph)


Ms. Rogge (Pi-Sm)


Mrs. Vattioni (Sn-Z)


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Counseling Office Support Staff

Ms. Brown

Pupil Service Technician

Alpha A-F


ext. 650

Ms. Christensen

Pupil Service Technician

Alpha G-M


ext. 758

Mrs. Bleicher

Counseling Clerk

Alpha N-Z


ext. 757

Mrs. Boehm



ext. 771

Ms. Edwards

Site Data Tech


ext. 797

44701 32nd Street West

Lancaster, CA 93536

P: 661-726-7649

F: 661-726-7694