Add-on installation

Add-on installation PRODUCT AVGIDEA, INC.

All components, Data Search, Query Editor, Publisher and Prediction, of Avgidea Data Platform are provided as a single add-on of Google Sheets. Users are expected to login using a Gmail or Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) account. Open a new or existing sheet and install the add-on with following steps.

1. Create a new Sheet and open Extensions -> Add-ons -> Get add-ons menu.

2. Enter avgidea in the search field and click avgidea icon.

3. Click Install button to proceed to next step. *1

4. Login with your Google account and accept the consent screen.

5. After successful installation, you will find avgidea menu under Extensions.

If the menu doesn't appear, it may work by refreshing the browser or reopen the tab. *2

Next step : Account registration

Note :

*1 If you login with Google Workspace account and your organization doesn't permit individual installation, you may need to ask administrators to install the add-on to the domain or whitelist "avgidea" add-on from Google Workspace Marketplace.

*2 If you manage to use multiple Google accounts with Chrome browser and have a problem accessing the service, you may add the user as another profile.