This one-year training is initially online via Zoom, plus a five-day residential in summer 2022 in Northumberland, UK

The online training is on the last weekend of each month, starting 30th October 2021 . Each weekend includes time offline for creative arts activities and connecting with nature. You will also be sent videos and articles to support your learning between sessions. The five-day residential is from 31 May to 5 June 2022, camping or dormitory accommodation.

The training includes:

  • Learning how to attune to and share sacred space in our relationships, with our communities and with Nature

  • The ancient practice of Council

  • The intentions, forms, themes and contexts of Council

  • Deepening the practice of Council and learning to facilitate it

  • Practising and learning to facilitate creative arts activities

  • Story-telling, mirroring, writing, drawing, embodying practices, movement, dance and voice work

  • Participating in and learning to facilitate nature-based ritual and ceremony

  • Meditation, medicine walks and journey work

  • Exploring the seasons (inner and outer) and the Four Directions

Fee Scale:

£900-£1800 (payable in full or in instalments) according to what you can afford (this includes all course fees for the year and the residential, as well as lunches on the residential). It excludes camping / dormitory fees (breakfasts and dinners during the residential are self-catered).