New Riverbat Orientation
& Advising

Complete these steps to be ready to register for classes!

STEP 1 - Review the orientation module

Our quick, helpful orientation module will cover how to plan, schedule, register, and pay for your classes. As a bonus, you’ll also find out more about the amazing benefits of being a Riverbat. Ready? Let's go!

STEP 2 - Get ADVISED & registration Ready

We have different steps for students based on their college experience. Choose the section below that describes you.

I am a transfer student OR have previous college experience.

Students who have more than 12 credit hours are ready to register.  If you are trying to enroll in courses to transfer back to your institution or are transferring to ACC, please see below:

Visit for registration steps or contact our online advising team for assistance at

Chat with an online advisor here:

I have fewer than 12 college credit hours OR no college experience.

Students who have fewer than 12 credit hours should attend New Student Orientation. You can get advising support through in-person or virtual orientation. If you do not receive advising support, you will have a hold on your account and will be unable to register. 


STEP 3 - pay for classes

ACC offers the best tuition rates in Central Texas and can connect you with dozens of ways to save. Learn how you can pay for your classes and be in the know about important dates and deadlines.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Financial aid can help you pay for your tuition, books, and living expenses. Financial aid includes grants (money you don’t repay), scholarships (money you don’t repay), work-study (part-time employment), and loans (money you repay). To see how financial aid can support you visit or to apply for scholarships visit If you are an undocumented student with Texas residency status, you may complete the Texas Application for State Financial Aid (TASFA) and apply for scholarships.

Priority Dates for Financial Aid and Scholarships

Don’t miss out! Use our priority dates below to ensure your aid is ready before your tuition is due. If you miss the priority date, don’t worry. ACC processes financial aid year-round.

Financial Aid Priority Dates: Fall – April 1 | Spring – October 15 | Summer – March 1

Scholarship Priority Dates: Fall – May 1 | Spring – October 1

Tuition Deadlines & Payment Plans

Visit to learn about tuition deadlines, how to make a payment, and interest-free payment plans.

Create a Payment Plan

ACC has payment plans available, allowing you to stretch your tuition payments over two installments in the

summer and three installments in the fall and spring.

Same Day Pay

“Same Day Pay” begins on the deadline listed for each semester registration. If you miss your payment

deadline, you will be dropped from your classes and will need to re-register.

Have questions?

Check out our frequently asked questions below or contact us at

NOTE: This orientation page is designed for high school graduates (or equivalent) seeking an associate's degree or certificate. Please check the appropriate link if you are planning to enroll in Dual Credit, Early College High School, Continuing Education, Adult Education, or if you are an F-1 Student in need of international orientation.

Frequently Asked Questions About New Student Orientation

Who can attend orientation? 

If you are a transfer student with more than 12 credit hours, contact our colleagues in Online Advising for questions about course selection. 

What can I expect from orientation? 

Our goal for orientation is to help students learn three important things:

Using these objectives as a framework, we'll guide you through some important ACC resources and make sure you have the tools you need to make good first steps at ACC. 

Can I come to orientation late? Can I leave early? 

Please be sure to be on time for orientation and plan to stay for the full 90 minutes. If you arrive late or leave early, you will miss important information, and you may have to reschedule for a later session. 

What should I do to prepare for my virtual orientation session? 

For all sessions, be sure to have your ACC email address set up and ready to go. Check it the day of your group advising session, as you will receive an email from an Orientation Advisor containing information about course recommendations, Program Maps, and other important topics. 

We use Zoom for virtual sessions. Once you have signed up to attend a virtual session, be sure that you are using a device that can accommodate Zoom. It’s helpful to check your speakers and mic prior to the start time to ensure that you will be able to listen and participate. Also, make sure that your screen name shows up as the name you used to sign up for orientation so that we can take attendance. 

We strongly recommend that students use a laptop or desktop computer so that they can participate in the Zoom call and follow along with presenters as we show you how to register. Please plan to be in a quiet place where you can focus on orientation. Plan to have your camera on and be engaged for the full 90 minutes.

What should I do to prepare for my in-person orientation session

For all sessions, be sure to have your ACC email address set up and ready to go. Check it the day of your group advising session, as you will receive an email from an Orientation Advisor containing information about course recommendations, Program Maps, and other important topics. 

We host in-person sessions at various campuses. Give yourself time to arrive at campus and find a seat prior to orientation. We conduct orientation in facilities with computer labs, so you will have an ACC computer that you can use during orientation, though you are welcome to bring your own device if you prefer. 

I have a lot of transfer hours. Do I need to go to New Student Orientation? 

Students with 12 or more hours of transfer credit are eligible to register for the courses of their choice upon completion of the orientation module. If you have further questions about which courses to take, we encourage you to reach out to our colleagues in Online Advising. During operating hours, advisors are available to assist via live chat, or you can email them at for scheduling. 

How do I change my major? 

Send us an email at using your ACC email address. Make sure to include your ACCeID in all communication. Please let us know the specific name of the new program of study you'd like. We'll take care of it. If you aren't sure of the name of the new program, you can review a list of program maps here

I found a screen on the ACC web site that says I don't have an advisor. What's up with that? 

In general, if you haven’t previously registered for classes, you won’t have an assigned advisor yet. For new students the orientation team is your first point of contact for questions about how to select classes and register for your first semester at ACC. Once your classes have begun you will be assigned and be eligible to meet with an Academic Guidance team member for more detailed conversations about future semesters and long-term academic plans. 

When do I need to pay for classes? 

Payment deadlines vary by semester. You can check a list of them here

I've attended orientation, but I have specific questions about something that wasn't covered. Who do I contact? 

We sometimes get some complex questions that are challenging to answer within the context of orientation. Our goal is to get you started off right in your first semester, but you have resources to help! 

You’ll be assigned an Academic Guidance team member after your first day of class, so for many questions that can be answered after you register for first semester courses, you can also wait until you get assigned to an advisor and reach out to that person. 

After you've completed orientation, you can also contact Online Advising.

Registration Station can help you build a schedule if you know what courses you need to take. You can show them your advising notes and they can help you create a schedule. 

HElp! I can't register for a class! What do I do? 

There could be a few reasons that you are unable to add the course of your choice. Check out the options below for common causes of registration errors and ways to fix them. 

Though these are the most common issues we see when students have difficulty registering for courses, we know you might find a special case. Email us at, and we can help. You can also schedule an appointment with our colleagues at Registration Station. They are experts at troubleshooting registration errors and helping students build the perfect schedule. 

You may be trying to register for a term that isn't open for registration. 

All the seats may be full. 

You may see 0 seats available in Self-Service. If this is the case, check to see if there is a Waiting List. 

The course may be reserved for a specific group of students.

If the course is reserved for a specific group of students, you can check the Requisites Section and the Additional Information Section of the course description in Self-Service. Here are a few common things you might see: 

The course may require a granted petition from the department.

The course may require something called a granted petition. You can find this in the Additional Information Section. This means that you need to talk to the department that sponsors the course (for example, the Math Department for a Math course) and ask for permission to add the course. If this is the case, the contact information to request permission to register will be found in the Additional Information section of the course listing in Self-Service. 

You may have a hold preventing registration. 

Some holds prevent students from registering for courses. The most common of these holds are connected to high school or college transcripts. You can check your holds in Self-Service or MyACC and determine if a hold is barring you from registering for courses. 

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