By the end of this course, you should be able to:

Module 1:  Introduction To This Course

Welcome to ACC Learn OER! Your learning includes a series of self-paced online learning modules. The first nine modules will serve as an introduction to open educational resources (OER) and as an opportunity for further exploration and discovery of open education practices. The tenth module serves as a final assessment of your learning. Throughout the modules there are opportunities for you to test your knowledge and further explore a concept. The modules allow you to learn at your own pace. While you can follow the modules in any order, it is recommended that you start with Module 1 and progress through in order.

Course Module Outline 

Earn Professional Development Credit!

To earn professional development credit for completing the modules, you must complete and submit the final assessment in Module 10.

We Welcome Your Feedback

If you have questions about or suggestions for these modules, please email ACC Library Services at the following email: 

Retrieve Activity Workbook (optional)

We have developed an optional supplementary activity workbook integrated with the ACC Learn OER online modules. You can retrieve the ACC Learn OER workbook here.

There is a longer OER workbook you can retrieve here that includes bonus units with activities expanding on OER instructional and curriculum design including the ADDIE instructional design model, curriculum mapping, engaging students with your OER, and Universal Design for Learning approach to accessible curriculum design. Note, although the additional units in this longer activity workbook are not part of the training and assessment for ACC Learn OER, they offer valuable tools when considering larger OER projects, such as course redesign and OER textbooks.